Sunday, September 16, 2007

murder in the arts

Dan Eldon website - a tribute
Gay For Today: Federico Garcia Lorca
Gay For Today: Joe Orton
Wilfred Owen: Poems (1921)
Study for 'Disabled' (1967)
   18" w x 24" h; acrylic, ink and collage drawing
   Inspired by "Disabled," a poem of Wilfred Owen
Disabled (1967)
   36" w x 48" h; acrylic and collage on canvas
   Inspired by "Disabled," a poem of Wilfred Owen)
Wilfred Owen (poem) Dulce et Decorum Est
Wilfred Owen: Anthem for Doomed Youths
   drawing inspired by Wilfred Owen's poem
   Anthem for Doomed Youths (mp3)
Gay For Today: Wilfred Owen
Gay For Today: Pier Paolo Pasolini
Anton von Webern: A soldier in Burg-Mitteril
   a poem, collage and painting
poem: Anton v. Webern - What Difference Can It Make...

• Gay For Today: Death from HIV/Aids
   • Leigh Bowery
   • Keith Haring
   • Peter Hujar
   • Derek Jarman
   • Mark Morrisroe
   • David Wojnarowicz

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